Stoneground & Speciality Flour Range

We produce a superb range of stoneground flour under the Millstone Artisan Flour name. In fact, stoneground flour is where our business began in 2000! Also part of Millstone Artisan Flour is our growing range of specialty flours.

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  • Stoneground Cake Wheat Flour
  • Stoneground White Bread Wheat Flour
  • Stoneground Brown Bread Wheat Flour
  • 100% Rye Specialty Flour
  • Wholewheat Meal Flour
  • Farina “00” Wheat Flour


New Addition – The Story of Spelt Flour…

While some ‘healthy’ ingredients come and go as food trends change, there’s one ancient cereal grain that has stood the test of time. Spelt is a distant cousin to wheat and is often used as a substitute for wheat or white flour when baking bread.

Besides delivering a nutty, slightly sweet flavour, it also offers a variety of essential nutrients such as protein and minerals including Niacin. This B-vitamin is thought to aid in energy metabolism, improve circulation and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Spelt is also rich in copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus, believed to support healthy nervous, cardiovascular, skeletal and immune systems.

With its high water solubility, Spelt is considered to be easier to digest for those with a wheat intolerance. Soluble fibre is also beneficial for lowering blood cholesterol and regulating blood sugar levels…

Not bad for a grain that’s been around for 9000 years.

Available in 12.5 Kg and 2.5 Kg